Breeding Services

For breeding a large number of mares each year, both their own and outside horses, Potter Ranch uses the latest technology combined with solid horsemanship to make the process efficient safe and productive. Services include AI, shipped semen and embryo transfer.

They are committed to getting horses bred, even the difficult mares, and those that can't get bred anywhere else.


Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer (ET) gives horse owners an option for breeding valuable older mares, or any mare unable to safely carry a foal to term. It is also a way to get a foal from a mare that is in competition without taking her off the circuit. The other advantage to ET is that a mare owner can get multiple breedings in one year.

Embryo Transfer takes place after a successful round of AI. The embryo is removed from the biological mother, and placed into the uterus of a recipient mare or "recip", where it attaches and grows to term. The process requires a high level of expertise and both mares to cycle in unison for the embryo to have a seem less transition. Potter Ranch uses ET for a number of their older mares that have very valuable bloodlines. Dr. Thwaits can provide recips for mare owners who are breeding to Potter Ranch stallions.


For more information about Embryo Transfer or any other breeding questions, please contact us.

Shipped Semen

available on all stallions

B. K. Thwaits, DVM - Reproductive Veterinarian

Dr. Thwaits gives Potter Ranch an edge in breeding management. As a specialist in equine reproductive issues, Dr. Thwaits uses the latest technology to monitor, time or cycle a mare for optimum breeding. The high level of care extends beyond just the AI process as Dr. Thwaits performs all the pregnancy checks. The Potter family and staff work closely with Dr. Thwaits on breeding days, expertly bringing mares through with a minimum of stress.


Dr. Thwaits often sees thirty or more horses on a typical day at the ranch between the ranch mares and outside horses. "I never worry about the horsemanship skills of the people handling horses at Potter Ranch," she commented recently in an interview. "For me that is a really important issue when working at the back end.

Dr. Thwaits is an accomplished horsewoman in her own right, and breeder of American Quarter Horses. When she finds time, she can be found showing her own horses at AQHA shows.

Dr.Thwaits prints an ultra sound photo to give to a mare owner with the "good news".






Mel and Wendy Potter • Breeding Mgr. (520) 906-9133



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