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Here you will find valuable pedigree information on sires that are part of the Potter Ranch bloodlines, provided as a courtesy to those wishing to breed to Potter Ranch stallions or those doing research on the breed.  All information is correct to the best of our knowledge.  Please let us know if you find any errors.  For the most accurate pedigree search consult the AQHA.

The Driftwood Heritage

driftwoodby Phil Livingston, Author "The Driftwood Legacy"

For well over half a century the name "Driftwood" in a using horse's pedigree has defined outstanding performance. On the ranch, in the show ring and in the rodeo arena....especiallly the rodeo arena, the Driftwoods have set the standard by which other contest mounts are measured.

An outstanding rope horse himself, Driftwood passed on his winning ability to such respected greats as Cowboy--Asbury Schell; Poker Chip Peake--Dale Smith; Mac McCue (Old Blu)--Oscar Walls, Gilber & Buck Nichols; Drifty--Eddie Schell & Tommy Rhodes; Cherokee Jake--Asbury Shell; Speedywood--Dale Smith; Speedy Peake--Max Schott; Wooden Nugget--BJ Pierce; Cowboy C--Joe Bassett & George & Leck Cline; Shady--Dale Smith; and Driftwood Ike--Roy Wales, Chuck Shepherd and John Kieckhefer.



In recent years the list continues with Bar--Tom Ferguson; Wildfire--Reg Camarillo; Ike--Clay O'Brien Cooper; Six Pac--Julio Moreno; Bozo--Kristy peterson; Goldenwood Jay--Wade Wheatley; Aliso Oso Rubio (Ruby)--Jim Wheatley; Snip--George Richards; and Driftwood Mas--Jim Wheatley.

Over forty Pro Rodeo World Championships have been won on these dependable campaigners....and more will come as ropers and barrel racers continue to cinch their saddles on the Driftwoods.

A professional roper himself, Mel Potter knows first hand the willing mind, quick speed, athletic ability, in-born cow sense and sturdy conformation that it takes for a horse to "go down the road". He has dedicated himself toraising horses that you can win on. Well over $1 million Pro Rodeo dollars has been won on horses carrying the Potter brand, as well as countless purses pocketed at other levels.

mel potter

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